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18VR is a virtual reality porn website that aims to produce the next generation of teen sexual entertainers. This site is similar to a college, but learning the art of sexual pleasure is the main course.


  • Virtual reality feature.
  • Access to whopping subscription bonuses.
  • Clearest graphics in the market.


  • Limited number of models.

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18VR Review

There’s something that’s just so sexy about innocence – young girls coming of age, pun intended, and doing all the bad things their moms told them to avoid. It’s sexually exciting watching them explore their sexualities and discover that there’s more to pleasure than just necking in touching themselves in the dark. 

There’s an under-tapped market in teen porn, and 18VR is bringing all the sexual pleasure right to your fingertips. So, do you want to watch teenage girls who’re just growing their tits, or girls who got lucky enough to hit puberty at a very young age, with tits large enough to make a grown man cum in his pants? 

Well, if you are, then 18VR is the place to be. The best part – every video is available in HD, and you can stream them on any virtual reality platform of your choice. We’re certain you want to know more about legally-fuckable teens who haven’t quite seen all that the world has to offer, and you’d love to join them on their journeys to disco0vering those goodies. So, read on to find out more about the teen porn goldmine you’ve just discovered.

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What is 18VR?

18VR is a virtual reality porn website that aims to produce the next generation of teen sexual entertainers. This site is similar to a college, but learning the art of sexual pleasure is the main course. 

There are young chicks who have chosen the world of sexual entertainment to make a name for themselves, and they invite you to come to watch them take over their world.

We met Stefany Kyler, the super-hot and very slutty chick from Russia. She certainly is young, but she knows her way around a big fat cock. We also met a series of teen rising porn stars, and we felt safe because the world of porn is not dying anytime soon.

On 18VR, you can view the profile of every model there, find out who tickles your fancy from how they like to fuck and be fucked. 

Oh yes! If you love cosplay, this is also the place to be. Now, put the cherry on the icing that hot Asian Mai Thai would gladly lick clean by adding the virtual reality feature to cosplay. It’s indeed your every fantasy come brought to life.

Is 18VR Free 

Are you ready to watch videos of teenage girls getting stretched with big Eastern European cocks? If you are, then dive into the home page of 18VR, where you get a sneak peek into the tits you’ll watch bounce every which way while these girls get fucked.

You can also see each model’s profile without owning an account yet. From there, you can see which chick best suits your – personality, age, how she likes to get fucked, everything! 

You can also get sneak peeks into the steamy videos you’ll be missing out on if you decide to skip this page.

Meet Some 18VR Models

Bonnie Dolce certainly is something to write home about. If you like them slim, sexy, and ripe, then you’ve found the perfect match. Of course, there’s also May Thai, who makes every Asian fantasy come true. She’s got the right skin shade, the ideal amount of tits, and curves to make your mouth water. 

Then, Lily Bella comes to mind. She’s given us two videos, and our personal favorite was her threesome with a sexy blonde and a hot teacher. 

When you take a look at Darcia Lee, you’ll have some difficulty pulling your eyes off. Of course, you can also be assured that nothing’s stopping you from exploring her page and checking all the videos she’s made for you. 

If you like brunettes, then you’ll love Sybil A and Mishelle Klein. You see, we couldn’t get enough of those young porn stars, and we’re certain you’ll also feel that way. 

Hot Teen models ready to satisfy your needs.

18VR Sexchat

No one understands sex chatting more than teens. That’s their forte, so when you’re ready to cum to some teens texting you with sexy and intense slang that you’ll pick up along the line, then 18VR is where you need to be. 

One model may not be enough for you because the more, the merrier. So, you can invite as many as six or even seven models to your chat room. Of course, you must be ready to pay for their services, but we assure you it’s worth the bill. 

You’re entirely in charge, and you get to dictate what your sexual fantasies are. If you’d like to be dominated, teen dominatrixes are waiting for you, and the same goes for when you need to dominate. 

Sexual fantasies are better fulfilled via chat, as you can explore without restrictions. 

18VR Porn

Let’s face it – porn is the real reason anyone would ever visit a porn site. So, let’s get right into it. When you explore the depths of this site, you’ll see all the porn options in store for you. 

If you fancy the thought of two vampire lesbians getting nasty right in front of you, then you’ll love to join us if you dare. Oh, it seems to combine danger and intense sex to give the ultimate result. Do you want to see into the wild with May Thai? Here, she has her booty pointing out so invitingly, and who could say no to that? 

When you’re ready to watch every category of porn known to man, you can visit 18VR. We’re certain you’ll be adding it to your bookmark immediately after a quickie with your fist. 

18VR Login 

Suppose you’re not satisfied with the previews you’re getting or the information on the models’ profiles. Then, you know you need to create your account. Membership affords you many luxuries that you won’t get as a passerby or lurker. 

So, how do you go about securing your membership? Well, we’ll have you know that there’s a current 60% discount on all memberships, so now is the time to get porn at a cheaper rate. 

You can pay as little as a dollar for the free trial, and you get any download of your choice. On the other hand, you can pay $79.95 instead of $199.95 when you pay for a year. You’ll also get an extra month free. 

Or, you could pay $199.95 instead of $375.00 for a lifetime membership. Then, you’ll never have to worry about a porn subscription again, and you can pass it down to generations to come too. 

Finally, you can pay $9.95 instead of $24.95 monthly. 

Remember, the promo isn’t going to last forever, so secure your membership now! 

18VR Tokens 

The tokens you earn on this site will certainly come in handy when you need to make in-app payments. They can come in the form of discounts on chat room bookings, sessions with your favorite models, and the likes. 

So, how do you earn tokens? It’s by watching, downloading, and being an active participant on the 18VR website. 


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18VR Reviews

The teen models here are as excited about your sexual pleasure as they’re about theirs and do everything they can to bring the realistic edge that heightens your sexual experience. Read on for our 18VR site reviews.

18VR Girls

Do you want to know our thoughts about Elena Lux? She gave us a steamy shower performance, and it was one of the best things we saw on the site that day. It certainly shouldn’t come as a surprise that the next generation of chicks makes better exhibitionists than the previous. 

They’re so raw and dare to defy bounds that hold back the previous generation. That’s why Eden Ivy gave us the most impressive performance on Rendez-vous a Paris. 

18VR Chat

Now, you can be sure that when you ask your model what they’re wearing, you can confirm it, which builds up the tension and heightens the experience. In addition, each chat room is pretty affordable, and you don’t have to break your bank to get that orgasm you deserve.

No clock is ticking on your stay in each chat room, so you can stay as long as you like. You can also change models as often as you want.

18VR Promo Code

One other thing we love about porn websites is how generous most of them are. You can attest to the generosity, especially from 18VR, when you visit the site. In addition, there’s a 60% off promo currently running on the site, making this the most suitable time to create your membership. 

There are several other promos too, but they’re only available to active members of the website.

18VR Sex

There’s a range of porn movies, and you can choose the ones that best appeal to your fantasy. So, here’s a site where you can build your dream model, and you’ll never run out of options. Although the focus is on Eastern European teen rising stars, you’ll still find an array of teens of different races, all available to fulfil your sexual preferences. We didn’t even know we had a thing for fresh-out-the-cradle girls until we discovered this site.

You can catch Jennys Just Wanna have Fun, day and night, Feed the need, catch me if you can, and many other racy movies on 18VR. 

Is 18VR Safe?

Of course. You don’t need to worry about the site crashing and taking your subscription with it. In addition, there’s no need to worry about data breaches. The website goes through numerous improvements regularly, all to safeguard your privacy and that of the models. 

Sites Like 18VR 

If you feel like you’ve just stumbled on the goldmine that’s virtual reality porn, then you’ll likely be looking for sites that are similar to it. Again, you can rely on us to help with that, so here are five similar sites: 

U Feel 

Reality Lovers





18VR Videos

18VR has the most stimulating set of teen videos on the internet, and trust us, we’ve checked. These teens aren’t afraid to showcase every angle, and it also helps that they’re young and have tits that maintain eye contact with you. Their booties are also pert and natural, and you know their pussies would have vice-like grips. 

There are indoor and outdoor videos with every type of sex position imaginable. The videos are also available in fantastic quality, and you can activate the virtual reality option if you want. They’re also available for downloads, as long as you have a membership with the website. 

18VR Website

Have you paid a visit to the website? If you have, then you must know it’s different from most porn websites. It’s so well detailed, and you’d know customer satisfaction is everything to the site owners at every turn. 

The site is also very safe, and logging in and out is always a walk in the park.

18VR Recordings

Teen girls like to get naughty, either with each other or with men they fancy. They also seem to masturbate the most; after all, they’re just discovering their sexualities. So, you can catch many amateur and professional recordings of the models on 18VR.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of their content; they’re also pretty clear and available in 3-D.

18VR Webcams

Now, it’s time to relay how we felt when we tried out the 18VR webcams. The only thing we can say is that we were very impressed. We’ve burnt through our fair share of webcams, but this was one of the best. 

The models weren’t camera-shy and were very much eager to show us every part of their hot bodies. It’s safe to say one video will never be enough – you’ll always be back for more.

18vr logo

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Bottom Line

Now that you know all the necessary things you need to enjoy your visit to 18VR, what are you waiting for? You can also have the firsthand experiences we had when during our time there. But again, you need your membership to enjoy these benefits.

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