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Sometimes, the best way to experience a knee-jerking orgasm is to hand over the reins of your pleasure to an experienced hand. Having a smoky hot model that gives you jerking off instructions is one sexual experience you should have at least once in your lifetime.

And while there are many models on adult cam sites, not all of them are gifted in the act. Thankfully, this article reviews the best JOI sites there is where you get to learn from the best of the best. There is also other information that will enable you to experience a more heightened sexual pleasure. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

JOI slut

What is JOI Fetish?

JOI involves having a performer (a JOI instructor, camgirl, clip producer, and so on) give a viewer instruction on how to jerk off their dicks. JOI isn’t so much a stand-alone fetish as it can be incorporated in other types of sex cams including BDSM, and vanilla shows.

Types of JOI

The thing about JOI is that you can get it in various ways. There are two major ways though and they are:

Jerk Off Encouragement

This is exactly as the name implies. It involves encouraging a client to have a swell time by helping him cum. There are no downsides to this as it’s all about positivity. JOI encouragement is a more vanilla option and even those into BDSM infuse it into their acts.

Jerk Off Humiliation

Contrary to what many perceive, JOI humiliation isn’t a negative thing as some people get turned on by being humiliated. This sexual act involves making the man feel humiliated, inadequate and ashamed, which ironically makes him turn on and jack off.

Jerk Off Instruction and BDSM

JOI is a form of domination. The practice appeals to men who love being told what to do and to women who like being in charge. It’s a great way to venture into BDSM. JOI shows and videos can be combined with other things such as cosplay.

How to Make a JOI Video

Jerk Off Instruction is simple and easy. It just involves giving instructions to the receiver. In making JOI videos, it’s important to be very descriptive since you are giving verbal instructions. Focus on the voice, tone, and interaction.

JOI is flexible and can be done anyway, without having to follow a set of instructions, all that matters most is to be as descriptive as possible.

If you are a man that likes to focus on specific parts of the body, for instance, the head, then ensure the JOI webcam girl will focus on your shaft, head, and balls as this will make for a more pleasurable encounter.

JOI instructor

Are Fetish Cam Shows Better Than Regular Cam Shows?

Regular porn shows are great and all but not many people are fans of general cam shows. Some like more specific shows that cater to their desires. Often, finding that kind of content is difficult, as most of the videos on the web are uninteresting. That’s where fetishes come in.

Fetish cam shows provide a means for clients to fulfill their dirtiest sexual desires and kinks.

They are raw, naughty, hot, and more daring than the regular shows. The girls involved are flexible and engage in exploring any taboo, kink, nasty, bizarre, and sensual acts. From BDSM, cam feet JOI, pregnancy, and so on.

Benefits and Side Effects of Jerking Off

According to statistics, 78% of the adults in the world masturbate, which includes 93% German men, 96% British men, and 92% American men. It is a natural and safe way to explore one’s body, experience pleasure, and rid the body of pent-up sexual tension.

Despite the many myths and speculations around masturbation, there is no evidence of the physical side effects of the act. However, excessive masturbation can affect one’s daily activities and relations.

Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation is normal and healthy. It is also beneficial to your mental and physical health. While there are limited studies on the advantages of masturbation, there are studies on how beneficial sexual intercourse and stimulations are. Self-pleasuring can help you:

  • Relax
  • Relieve stress
  • Boost your mood
  • Relieve cramps
  • Feel pleasure
  • Have more pleasurable sex
  • Release built-up sexual tension
  • Sleep better
  • Understand your body, wants, and needs better
  • Avoid sexually transmitted diseases

masturbating girl

Prostate Cancer and Masturbation

Research studies suggest that frequent masturbation and ejaculation can help lower the risk of prostate cancer. However, there is no solid proof as to why this is so.

In a study conducted in 2016, studies found that the risk of prostate cancer was reduced by 20% by men who engaged in masturbation more than 20 times a month. Another report in 2003 discovered a similarity between the frequency of ejaculation and lowered risk of prostate cancer.

Side effects

While there are no visible side effects of masturbation, there are some cons still and they include:


Some persons may feel guilty after masturbating and this could be due to their cultural, spiritual, and religious beliefs. However, masturbation is not wrong, and nor is it immoral. If you feel ashamed after pleasuring yourself, you should speak to a therapist or talk to someone you trust, this will help you get past the feeling.


Masturbation can become addictive if it’s too much. Some signs of being addicted to masturbation include:

  • Causes you to skip school or work
  • Makes you skip chores and daily activities
  • Causes you to cancel plans with family or friends
  • Causes you to miss important events

Masturbation addiction can affect one’s relationships and other aspects of life. It can interrupt studies, work, and general life activities, thus lowering productivity.

If you find you are addicted to masturbation, speaking to a therapist can help you get over it. You can also try other activities such as:

  • Going for a walk
  • Spending quality time with friends or loved ones
  • Running
  • Writing

Does Masturbation Decrease Sexual Sensitivity?

Masturbation does not decrease sexual sensitivity. On the contrary, two 2009 studies show that men who used sex toys experienced increased arousal, sexual desire, and overall better erectile function.

However, the technique of masturbation can affect sensitivity. Research has revealed that holding the dick too tightly during masturbation can lead to decreased sensitivity. Thus, sex experts suggest changing techniques during sex to restore sensitivity.

How to Jerk Off Right

There is no single right way to jack off right, but there are things that can help you experience more pleasure.


Set the Right Mood

Masturbation is an act of self-care, thus, it’s important to set the mood if you want to experience the best orgasm ever. Dim the lights, play sensual music, light the candles, aromatherapy. You will enjoy wanking better when the mood is right.

Change Positions

Sex is better when positions are switched and the same is true when jerking off. Rather than limit yourself to one position, try switching things up by sitting up, standing up, or leaning against the wall.

Take It Slow and Easy

Masturbating too quickly isn’t the best way to enjoy yourself. On the contrary, it can leave you dissatisfied and even increase the chances of premature ejaculation. Rather than ejaculate when you are rushing off to work, try doing it when you are free and relaxed. Take your time, build the moment, your orgasm will last longer this way

Use a lubricant

Masturbating without using a lubricant is not advisable. It would leave your dick desensitized and you could develop a rug burn. Avoid the use of lotion, it becomes less sticky with time and the scented ones could cause skin irritation. Use a sexual lubricant, preferably water-based ones. They are free of warming agents that irritate. You can also use coconut oil or petroleum jelly.

Get in tune with your body

Masturbation shouldn’t be all about getting off, it’s also an opportunity to listen and respond to the needs of your body. While masturbating pay attention to your heartbeat, breathing, stomach feeling, tension. Masturbation is a meditative act.

Thrust your hips

Thrusting your hips will enable you to get there powerfully. It’s an instinct, but with a mental reward, hence; do not neglect your instinct as you jack off.

When masturbating, bring your pelvis to your hand rather than the other way round. This way you will find a more powerful and pleasurable orgasm.

Explore other ways

There’s more to your body than your penis. Rather than stick to using your hands to touch your dick, try touching your thighs, and your chest. Also, play with your nipples, caress your belly and pinch your neck and ears. You will find more pleasure this way than just stroking your penis.

Watch JOI cam shows

There are lots of jerk off instruction sites you can sign up to if you want to experience toe-curling orgasms. The sites feature the best JOI instructors that will help you jack off without you having to do anything. This is a great way to spice things up and allows you to masturbate differently.

Safety Tips to Follow When Jacking Off

Don’t rush off to watch live JOI porn without putting some safety measures in place first. Some of the safety tips to keep in mind include:

Wash your hands

Ensure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water before joining a live JOI show. The hands contain billions of bacteria and since you are going to be touching your dick, balls and probably anus, washing your hands will ensure those germs don’t get to those places.

Wash your privates

For the same reason, it’s important to wash your hands, also ensure to clean up your penis, balls, anus, and other parts of your body before starting.

Close the door

Unless you want your moans and screams heard by all, ensure your door is closed and you are in a private, soundproof room. This way you can groan and cum as loudly as you wish.

Cover the webcam when not in use

When not in use, it’s important to cover your webcam, this prevents you from mistakenly exposing your private activity that no one has no business knowing.

Never reveal your private information

Do not share your home address, phone number, and other personal details with the models; they also won’t reveal theirs to you. Also, ensure to stay in a neutral environment where none of your details can be seen. this way your safety and privacy are well guarded.

Best Cam JOI Site in 2022

Wondering what the best jerk off instruction sites in 2022 are? Read on to find out:

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The site offers a lot of cam girls willing to please you. After picking the category you like, you will be led into a free show but to enjoy a good jerk off, it’s best to go for a private show. Fortunately, the cam to cam JOI has flexible rates and you can communicate with a model privately or in a public chat.


  • Allows you to book private shows
  •  Videos can be purchased on demand
  • Features lots of cam models to choose from


  • The site does not feature a jerk off session


CamSoda boasts of being the best free live sex cam site and it’s for a good reason. There are tons of models on the site and several categories that can be easily identified using tags, although they aren’t arranged alphabetically. But once the girls JOI categorized have been identified, you will be led to some of the best jerk off girls you can ever imagine.


  • Clients can control model’s sex toys
  • Most live cams are available for free
  • New users are given 25 free tokens


  • JOI tag is not easy to locate


As the name suggests, Flirt4Free offers lots of free shows. However, for a more personalized experience, you should consider private shows. Fortunately, the site features a JOI category; the site has a user-friendly feature that makes it easy to navigate through and find a cam girl that interests you.


  • It has a great jerk off category
  • Features a large fetish community
  • New users get 120 free credits


  • The video on Demand is only available for a few cam ladies
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Fresh site Imlive review

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ImLive cam site is a competitive and exciting website, with a layout that enables clients to get more information about a model. There’s a filtering system, this allows you to find categories (including JOI) easily.


  • New accounts get $50
  • Clients can engage in a free chat with models
  • Booking a private show is easy


  • Cam quality is not standardized


Cam4 JOI is another great cam site to consider. The site features hot models that are available to chat, interact and show you a good time. The site features lots of cam models available in all colors, shapes, and sizes, various chat rooms, and private rooms.


  • It features a JOI category
  •  A wide range of models are available
  • Free chat rooms are available


  • The layout is too clustered


Yes! Just as the name implies, JOI webcams are 100% live thus serving the main purpose of an adult cam site.

Jerk Off Instructions (JOI) is a common kink involving a model giving explicit description and instructions to a man on how to jerk off. It can be regular or involve humiliation.

Yes, JOI can be infused in BDSM, and other categories of cam sex shows including Asian cam, Lesbian cam, Latino cam, submissive cam, and so on.

JOI is verbal and visual instruction of how and when a man should masturbate and cum; if at all. Jerk Off Instruction is a component of orgasm denial practiced by those into BDSM. However, it can be used as foreplay for regular sex cams.

Masturbation involves jerking off by sexually stimulating yourself. It often does not involve a second party or help from anyone. JOI while being a form of masturbation, involves a female telling a man how to jerk off. So, while they are both masturbations, how it’s done is quite different.


If you love to sit back and relax as a sizzling hot model shows you how to jerk off, then a one on one cam site featuring JOI is your best bet. Jerk Off Instructions is a fetish loved and indulged by most men.

Fortunately, there are tons of cam girls willing to help you jerk off if you have the time and money. This is why AdultCamAdvice has curated the best JOI websites so you get your money’s worth. So, go ahead and indulge in your fantasy, your dick will thank you for it.

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