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Some things (like a bottle of wine) should be shared, but some other things—like a hot, horny, and sexy webcam minx, should be enjoyed all alone. No interruptions, just you, some lubes, and one of the sexiest cam2cam girls. Going cam to cam and following the model’s instructions or telling her what to do while you watch, brings a level of sexual satisfaction never experienced with regular porn.

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The problem however is that not all cam2cam live cams are built the same way. Many live cam sites do not have the right cam tools and settings, which would leave you frustrated and edgy rather than horny and excited.

Fortunately, we have dug deep and discovered the best sites to ensure your pleasure. In this article, we explore all the intrinsic details of cam2cam and reveal the best cam 2 cam sites. So, join us as we explore together, shall we?


Why is Cam2Cam Special?

Watching regular porn can get boring and stale over time. At first, it seems exciting and fun, but since the videos are static, and the scenarios and sexual positions remain unchanging, you will get bored easily. Besides, you have no control over the scenes playing out, you only have to watch and try to find your pleasure if you can. 

This is not so with cam2cam sex cam. There are several advantages of sex webcams including:

Freedom to choose a preferred model

The best cam2cam sex sites provide thousands of models that are willing to perform all kinds of sexual acts before the customer. The viewer on the other hand has the choice to select the model he wishes to watch. This is not so with regular porn videos; you have no choice but to watch the girl in the video.

Users can give instructions

Webcam to webcam private sessions allow customers to provide directions to models in different sections of the show. You can decide how the model should be dressed, what positions you want her to use, what toys to use, and so on.

The shows also allow you to exhibit your dominant trait, where you can issue orders and watch as she works hard to please you. And even if you want to be submissive, the cam2cam allow you to reverse roles. Overall, cam2cam porn allows you to explore your sexuality and power.

Live chat with models

Cam2cam webcam does more than offer you the freedom to choose a model of your choice or give instructions, you can also engage in sex chat. If you would rather have a sex chat with a model than watch live-action, several models are willing to engage you and bring you to the climax through words.

Cam2cam live sex is more indulging than recorded porn videos

With porn videos, you have a sense of watching actions that are performed according to a script. This is not the case with adult cam 2 cam. Here, you see the porn star performing real-time actions that will please you.

How To Choose a Cam2Cam Site in 2022

Before deciding the cam site to settle for, it is crucial to consider some factors. These factors include:

Video Quality

Unarguably, the first factor to consider when going for a cam site is the video quality. You want to be able to see all the parts and actions of the model clearly; her tits, pussy, butts, and every other delicious part should not be blurry and unclear.

As such consider cam sites with modern webcams. This is because these webcams support HD video capture. Select a video capture with a resolution of at least 720p or higher. A webcam of 1080p is even better and is more common and affordable than other models.

Reviews of Users

A site may claim to be the best; they want your patronage anyways. However, you can never tell until you experience it for yourself. The only problem though is that you may have had a bad experience and would have wasted your time and money.

One way of determining if a cam site is worth it is by reading what other users have to say about the site. Consider the good reviews and bad reviews; if the bad reviews outweigh the good, you probably to look elsewhere. However, some bad reviews are not bad reviews but personal preferences. Hence, scrutinize the reviews probably, and read reviews and comments from experts and professionals before arriving at a decision.


It’s worth noting that viewers do not need to pay as there are lots of free cam2cam sex sites. Most sites offer freemium services—meaning customers can choose either to pay or use the site for free. While free services can be alluring, they are often limited and not as robust as paid subscriptions. However, free adult cam2cam sites allow users to explore the packages available and their quality before committing permanently. Most free services include sneak peeks, free chats, group shows, and lots more. 

 Premium subscriptions on the other offer more. Here, you have private shows where the girls can strip naked if you want, and do all sorts of dirty things you request just to please you. Overall, while free cam sites are great, premium services are even better.

Number of Available Categories

Your needs will not always be the same. If they would, you probably would have stuck to porn videos. But if you are going to be signing up for a cam site, then you should go for one with tons of categories.

The site should offer girls of various skin colors and races including Asian, Ebony, and Latina. And if you have a fetish, the cam site should have something to satisfy your urge. The sites also provide other categories such as lesbians, gay, pregnant women, gang bang, and lots more.

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Customer Support 

Engaging in cam2cam webcam may not always go the way you expected. The connection may go off suddenly or you could be experiencing poor service. You may also have pressing questions, queries, suggestions, and inquiries. Whatever your concerns are, a great cam2cam site should have a system in place that promptly attends to your needs.

Hence, it’s important to consider sites with efficient customer support. Such support should include 24/7 live chat support. This way clients can reach the site and get answers in real-time. Also, consider sites with FAQs as questions to answers are usually provided in this section; such answers may come in handy and save time and energy which could have been spent contacting the customer center.

How Do Cam Sites Work?

Webcam sites are relationship-based; the model aims to connect and satisfy her audience and the participant’s aim is to find pleasure. Most performers host their chat rooms and payment can be made using a tipping system. If the viewer likes the model’s content, then they tip the model with credits or tokens during the streams. The credit and tokens then translate into real money for the performer.

The models can also engage in private chat sessions with viewers and be paid on a per-minute basis. However, most models do not earn the same and this is because different models market themselves in different ways. Some models fraternize and market their services to their fans, to stand out from the many options available.

Do the Models Like It?

It’s difficult to determine which cam2cam girls enjoy engaging in 2-way video chats and which ones are into it for the money. Generally, though, models who do not like to engage in cam2cam sessions often register on sites that do not require them to perform in private, while the others who appear to like it aren’t as bothered.

In fact, most of these cam chicks are excited to share webcam sessions. They enjoy watching different men of all sizes and shapes, get naked and join them in achieving sexual ecstasy. These models also derive pleasure from knowing someone is watching them.

Tips to Ensure Safe Camming

Don’t get carried away that you forget to put some safety measures in place. Remember online hacking is on a daily rise and webcams can be compromised. The following tips will help ensure online safety, privacy, and security:

    • Avoid Token Generators

Some fake sites in a bid to collect customers’ data offer tokens, the only condition to getting the tokens however is that you would have to answer some questions or download a software.  This is likely to be a scam and will only lead to system hack and data loss if followed through.

The best webcam sites have registration procedures and guidelines on how to create an account or purchase a credit/token. Hence, only patronize reputable sites and avoid suspicious requests.

    • Use a VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) ensures online safety, privacy, and security. The use of a VPN will ensure your network is secured and encrypted. The best VPNs though not free, will effectively mask your location and make you invincible.

    • Conceal Your Camming Activities

Some things should be kept private—your camming activities are one of them. After using a cam2cam site, endeavor to clear your browser history and cookies. Also, consider using private browsing if available.

    • Create a Strong Password

While registering to any webcam site, ensure the password you create is strong and secure. Ensure the password contains upper case, lower case, symbols, and numbers; this type of password is usually difficult to crack or remember. Also, the password should be a unique one and not a password that’s used for other sites. Finally, store the password in a password app, that way even when you forget, you can always retrieve it.

  • Cover Cam When Not in Use

Cover the webcam with a webcam shutter or black tape when it’s not in use. Doing this covers the camera lens and prevent people from snooping into your affairs.

Top Cam2Cam Sites

Here are the best cam2cam sites we found:


CamSoda is designed to work efficiently on most mobile devices and provides lots of features including the ability to preview a page. CamSoda site offers the largest tokens and cheapest prices for private shows. The models are sex and willing to do anything you ask.


  • The site is secure, discrete, and safe
  • The cam2cam site offers the cheapest private shows
  • Provides free show recordings


  • Has a limited selection of performers
  • Below average video quality

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CAMS.COM features more than 400 live sex rooms that are available any time of the day. The sex room covers every appearance, age, kink, and skill. The site features a unique icon filled with symbols; this alerts the client to the type of camera the model is using. The site also has male and transgender models.


  • Affordable private chat shows
  • Most of the rooms stream in HD
  • has a large library of X-rated videos


  • Does not have 24/7 customer service support

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Bongacams is a freemium and European cam site featuring lots of hot models in various states of nudity. While some of the rooms are in HD, some others are in HD+. Also, the site charges a lot for its private cam show but there are lots of other shows that are provided at a reduced cost or even free.


  • There are lots of HD rooms and models
  • The cam 2 cam site offers a c2c option in free chat
  • There are free cam shows to explore


  • Supports lots of annoying popup ads

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With over 80 000 registered performers, XLoveCam offers amazing c2c shows to its customers. The site provides a vast range of hot girls that cuts across all countries and races. There are exclusive features and services rendered and you can be sure your data is safe and secure. Besides, the site has a simple and attractive design as well as a respectful atmosphere.


  • Registration is free
  • Supports multiple payment options
  • XLoveCam has advanced categories ad search engines


  • Paid viewers

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LiveJasmin provides clients with lots of hot, naughty models across a wide range of categories including pornstar and amateur. The site offers quick sneak peeks where customers are allowed to view live shows for 10 minutes. Also, LiveJasmin features a unique VibraToy which promotes intimacy between the performer and the model.


  • LiveJasmin offers a robust number of models of various races and interests
  • The premium credit package comes with bonuses credits
  • Unique VibraToy enhances intimacy


  • The mobile app cannot be downloaded on Apple PlayStore or Google Store.
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Watching scripted videos of porn stars can be boring. It’s usually the same girls, same-sex positions, and same sounds of fucking. If you want to switch up things up, then you should consider cam sites. The best cam2cam sites won’t just give you a variety of models, shows, and scenes to spice up your life, you are sure to need lots of lubes as they will have you performing cam2cam masturbation. If you like what you read and would want to explore other aspects of your sexuality, AdultCamAdvice is only a click away!

Cam2Cam FAQs

If you are naughty and horny and love cam2cam sites, you are probably asking a lot of questions. We have highlighted the common questions and provided answers to them:

Cam2Cam (also known as c2c) is a live sex webcam feature that enables two people in different places to view each other’s sexual activities in real-time using their respective cams. It usually features a two-way audio tool so that the viewer and performer can hear and communicate with each other using the mics on the devices.

A cam 2 cam show is very safe and is one of the best ways to attain sexual satisfaction. Beyond being about sex, and nudity, this type of show allows clients to communicate with models and make private requests, unlike public chat rooms where there are barely any intimacy and personalized attention.

Yes, the models are real. Most of the cams on the cam sites are not pre-recorded

Most cam2cam webcam offers options for both women and men. There are lots of models and live cams available for clients to choose from. Also, most of the sites provide text-chat tool that enables customers to talk to the models directly. The cam sites also feature private rooms where it’s just the client and the model. Moreover, several niche webcams sites are focused on specific fetishes, kinks, and models and these sites are gaining momentum by the day.

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