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There are cam models who exist to give their clients a good time and there are those who go over and beyond to give pleasure and leave a lasting memory. One of such is Cherry Crush, a hot and sexy cam model who has made her mark in the adult entertainment industry and fought her way into becoming one of the best cam models.


Cherry Crush was born on July 9th, 1990 in the U.S. The 30-year-old cam model is popular for her ASMR YouTube channel and her vlog YouTube channel. She was homeschooled until she was in the 12th grade after which she had her high school education in a local school. She then proceeded to college where she bagged a degree. 

She had always wanted to be a model and took the chance when she got the opportunity. She now focuses on cam modeling; AV shows and movies.

Although we don’t know if Cherry is married or has a boyfriend, we do know she was raised by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Crush; her mother is British while her father is an American. 


Cherry Crush kicked off her career by becoming a YouTuber. She has her own YouTube channel which features lots of vlog content. Cherry is well-traveled from where she gathers content for her channels. 

Asides from the YouTube account, she also has another account that is focused on Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). ASMR is a phenomenon involving the tingling of the upper spine and neck. It gives a euphoric feeling.

Life as a Cam Model

Not only is Cherry Crush a YouTuber with multiple channels and a businesswoman, but she is also a hot and sexy cam model. Crush is a cosplay girl who has the features of a cartoon character. But don’t be fooled, she has more sexual skills than most cam models. She is wild, crazy, and naughty. There is nothing she can’t do to make you cum.

Her subtle, flexible, and lithe body makes her perfect for any role. Whether she is acting as a teacher, student, family, or step-sister, just as long as there’s lots of fucking, Cherry will give it her best.

The cam model has the cutest smile, the sexiest body, and a voice that will make you hard by merely hearing it. She is the sort you want to look at while stroking your dick.


Cherry Crush is fascinated by underwear and owns a lot of them, over 70 according to her. In fact, she owns an online store where she sells the sexiest lingerie. She stays fit by working out and loves magical and mythical creatures and takes inspiration from them. She is very active on social media including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

With Cherry Crush you don’t have to be shy, whatever your wildest fantasies or kinks are, she willingly accepts and shows you a good time. She is rated 5-star on Chaturbate, a cam website where she performs both private and public shows. She is also available to chat.

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