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Porn stars are great and all but they are nothing compared to cam models. The hottest and best cam models give personalized performances, unlike porn videos that are for the general audience.

But with the numerous cam models available, you want to know ahead if the model will be worth it. This is why AdultCamAdvice not only reviews the best cam-2-cam sites but have will now review the best cam models. 

Biography of Emily Cash

Emily Cash was born on January 21, 1996, and is from Cali Colombia. Also known as Vicki Rose, the Caucasian is a nude model, an adult model, and a cam model and has been in the business of adult entertainment since 2014. She is one of the hottest and sexiest cam models. 

Not much is known of her personal life as she is a very private person. However, what we know is that she is tall and slim, just as a model should be. She has brown eyes, brown hair, and the right size of boobs and ass to make you want to lick your screen. Best of all, she knows how to put on a show that will leave you cumming endlessly.

Sexual Skills and Tricks

For Emily, joining the porn industry wasn’t all about the money. She has always wanted something that would excite her and cam modeling was it. She is most happy when is entertaining her clients, whether it’s subtle seduction, teasing, or hardcore fucking, just as long as it’s sex, she’s down for it.

She loves to display her beautiful body and is easily aroused by the sight of a dick or a boob. Yes, Emily Cash is bisexual, so if you are a lady looking for a hot and sexy bisexual cam model, Emily Cash is your go-to girl.

Sex Scenes and Episodes Featured On

Miss Cash is one model who knows she is a sex machine and owns it. She knows the art of teasing, foreplay, seduction, and fucking. She gives the best hand jobs and blowjobs; she gets wild riding a giant dick and will bare her ass to be fucked.

Emily has featured in many hot and sizzling sex scenes such as Big Naturals, Amazing Ass, Super Sexy, Pierced Nipples, Curves, Super Sexy, and so on. As a bisexual, she has featured alongside other hot models in lesbian sex scenes. 

Not only is she into lesbian sex, but anal scenes are also a thing for her. Some of the anal scenes she has featured in displays her as a couple, threesome or gang bang where she takes big dicks into both holes.

She loves her underarm shaved but loves her pubic hair trimmed. She isn’t shy to go topless or give a full frontal, bush or pink performance. Her masturbation skills are top-notch and she won’t hesitate to tease and please you. 

Emily Cash has a registered account on Streammate, a cam site that features some of the best cam models and is always available for chats or private shows.

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