Lacey Bender

Lacey Bender

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The best cam model shows you a good time. She will strip, tease, dance, and flirt until you are all hot and bothered. And when you think it can’t get better, she will bear her juicy pussy, show you her boobs and make you cum so hard you will be left gasping for breath.

While there are many sexy and hot cam models available, in this article, AdultCamAdvice takes a look at Lacey Bender, one of the sexiest you will ever encounter.


Lacey Bender also called MilfLacey was born in Montana, United States. The adult cam model was born on May 24, 1982.  The Caucasian has all the right features of a hot model. Her hazel eyes will draw you in and have you fantasying, and the various tattoo and piercings spotted at different parts of her body will leave you with a cold sweat. While she did get her boobs done, they look so firm, that you would want to suck them.

With a height of 5ft, 4 in and a weight of 47kg (103lbs), Lacey is flexible enough to do anything in any position. Whether it’s stripping and teasing or fucking on camera, her client’s satisfaction remains her utmost priority. 

Her family isn’t known nor is there any knowledge of a husband, partner, or children. What we do know however is that the white Caucasian takes alcohol but does not smoke a cigarette. She operates onlyfans an account where she offers paid content to her clients and fans.  

Lacey describes herself as a “fun, energetic, and feisty” model. 

Modeling Career

Lacey Bender started her career as an adult model on Modelhub and Pornhub. She has tons of pictures and videos on these platforms. Here you will see her in all her glory, doing what she knows how to do best which is to make your toes curl from pleasure. While her Pornhub ranking isn’t known, she is ranked 1,549 on modelhub and is considered one of the hottest and best cam models. She is very active on Chaturbate, one of the best adult cam sites, where she has an account, she also has her website and a fan-only site named Miss Bender is active on Instagram and Twitter. 


As stated, Lacey has tons of videos and pictures littered across the platforms she identifies with. She’s into all kinds of kinky and wild performances. Her performances include topless shows, pink, full frontal, and even topless. 

She also engages in solo performances where she engages in the use of dildos of all kinds to bring her audience to the peak. And if you love to watch a hot woman as she pleasures herself and makes you rock hard, then you should check out Lacey’s masturbation shows. She gives the best blowjobs, engages in hot and dirty anal sex, and fucks like a horse. 

She loves to keep her underarm and public hair shaved, that way, you can have all the pleasurable experiences she is known for. Lacey Bender is simply a sex goddess.

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