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by Steve Johnson

age play

Sometimes, going back to a time when you were much younger may be all you need to revitalize and get the energy needed to face adulthood head-on. And who says you can’t? With many cam sites featuring models willing to engage in Ageplay roleplaying, you can feel as young as a baby and cum as hard as an adult.

What Is Age Play All About?

Age play is a type of BDSM role play where a person assumes another age (usually younger). The kink is quite common. A typical scenario is an adult dressed in pajamas, or diapers, clothing a teddy bear, or sucking the thumbs. 

Weird as it may seem to some people, to others who fancy the kink, it’s a huge turn-on and can set them off instantly. Fortunately, many cam models are willing to indulge in this role play.

Types Of Age Play Roles

Not everyone who is into diaper play is into an adult baby role and not everyone who is into an adult baby role is into a diaper role. That said, there are different types of age play roles and they include:

  • Littles

Littles refers to adults who take on child-like roles. These persons enjoy dressing in diapers, sucking their thumbs, water coloring, and everything else that kids love to do.

  • Middles

A person who takes on a middle role is probably aiming to act like a teenager. This means acting the part such as sulking, going to the mall, reading novels, and trying out new things. It also involves being rebellious and a brat and serving punishment.

  • Big

Big is the counterpart of middle or little and refers to a person who is playing an adult role. Fortunately, it’s an easy role as you don’t have to pretend to be so different from who you currently are.

However, you can choose to spice things up a bit by taking up adult roles such as teacher, daddy, mommy, uncle, aunty, or any caregiver. Play whatever role feels more natural to you.

  • Daddy Doms

This is a specific type of dominant role and means different things to different people. Some daddy doms do not engage in age play acts while some do. Daddy doms aren’t cruel but rather seek to take care of their little/submissive/bottom, helping them grow and thrive through spanking and other light sensual punishments.

  • Siblings

Where there isn’t room for little or big, siblings can suffice. Here, both partners may wish to regress together or one may tend to become a bit of a little or a big. Siblings are a whole different kink albeit fun and sexually fulfilling too.


Ageplay can be fun and a huge turn-off if you play it right. Fortunately, AdultCamAdvice in its usual fashion has highlighted the best sites with models who are down for it. they will teach you the ropes, make you feel another type of way, and lead you to paradise and back. Go on and check out the sites, your younger self awaits sexual pleasure.

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