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by Steve Johnson

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Tumblr has added a new feature that allows users to tag posts with “sexual themes,” which are defined as content that “contains sexually suggestive subject matter, such as erotic writing or imagery.”

The announcement was made via a post on Tumblr’s staff blog and was first reported by tech news sites Mashable and Xbiz.

According to Mashable reporter Elizabeth de Luna, the new development could be the first sign of the platform returning to its previous tolerance of NSFW content.

“After a 2018 ban led to a notoriously devastating exodus from the microblogging site, users were tickled to notice a few interesting turns of phrase in a platform update,” de Luna described.

The new “Community Labels” system, according to Tumblr, was created so that platform users could “fully express themselves while also having control over what they encounter on their dashboards.”

“You can now choose to show, blur, or hide content that depicts the following topics in your ‘Content you see’ settings,” Tumblr announced.

  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol: Discusses substance abuse or addiction experience.
  • Violence: Contains violent or graphic content similar to that of an age-restricted film.
  • Sexual themes: Includes sexually suggestive content, such as erotic writing or imagery.”

The post used “fan art of your favorite ship engaging with each other in… a very private moment” as an example of “sexual themes.”

According to Mashable, once labeled, “content will either be hidden, blurred, or displayed normally based on each user’s preferences.”

Tumblr stated that “porn bots are still not welcome” and that the site will continue to “abide by App Store rules” by restricting access to minors.

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