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Finding someone to be with sexually today is not always easy. You want to stay safe and still have your needs met. Thankfully, there are thousands of girls who understand this need and are available for you online!
This is a safe website that features models that offer public and private cam shows for all users. They provide interactive video and camera communication, allowing you to masturbate mutually.
In a day and age when online communities are growing, having a place to meet beautiful girls securely is a necessity. Customer support is at the top of the game. You are a few clicks away from chatting and watching a gorgeous girl.


  • Cam-to-cam included
  • Some free live cam shows
  • Variety of payment methods accepted (including PayPal)
  • Initial sign-up is free
  • Straightforward signup process
  • Quick and helpful customer support
  • Video chat available
  • Several categories to choose from


  • Complex UI features
  • More expensive than other similar sites
  • Not all models offer private cams
  • No tracking feature to know cost spent
  • No mobile app
  • Most shows cost
  • Extra money required for particular features using Jerkmate tokens

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Jerkmate Review

Key features

  • Filters for appearance, region, and fetish
  • Gold tokens tip girls and purchase extra features
  • Cam-to-Cam with 2-way conversations allowing chat and visual interaction
  • Language menu option
  • eCommerce available for girls you like

How to use Jerkmate

What is Jerkmate? This website is a live cam site that brings girls to your room through webcams and voice chat. Once you get through the free sign-up process, you will start interacting with online profiles. They keep it personalized and private for security.

The first step is creating a Jerkmate login, which is time-consuming but straightforward. While the process is free, you will need to link some type of payment arrangement. You will not be charged initially, but this unlocks your ability to access other aspects of the site on the fly. During the signup process, you will want to create a profile and username.

Once inside, you will be given the ability to tell the company a little more about yourself so their system can guide you to your perfect Jerkmate model. They also offer a language menu to change the site to your native tongue. The menus and filters help set this cam page apart from other sites like Jerkmate. All girls offer you the ability to use Jerkmate tokens, or gold, to control vibrators or tip the girls.

Membership options

They keep camming with girls simple, and they offer customer support to help you out at any time. They only offer two membership options: Jerkmate Free and Premium. You are automatically enrolled in the free version upon signing up for the site. Premium gives you more features, including marking girls as favourites. If you are unsure about going premium, stay with the basic membership and use donations to access extra features.

Payment options

This site wants to make your life simple while you are enjoying a show, so they require payment verification during the signup process. Other Jerkmate reviews try to claim you can do this later, but you will be asked before your account is active. You can either use a credit/debit card or link your PayPal account. Once the finances have been verified, you will be able to purchase tokens at any point while logged in. In many cases, you can find a Jerkmate promo code that will give you a discount on the gold. However, it usually is 1:1 ratio ($1 equals $1 in tokens). If you use it to donate, the Jerkmate girls will receive 35-percent of the gold in actual money.

Money-back possibilities?

One downside is their no refund policy they strictly enforce. Your account links to your card, and micro-purchases will add up quickly. If you are in the heat of the moment during a Jerkmate sexchat, you can soon lose dozens of dollars at a time. If you have a situation where your bank is charged without your knowledge, customer service can assist. However, outside of that, you would have to use the legal system to obtain a refund.

Private Live Jerkmate site sessions

When you access the free section, all models offer a public Jerkmate sex show. What this means is while you are viewing your Jerkmate model, so are many other guys. It also means that other guys are benefiting from you spending your gold for bonus features. While some girls only offer public cam sessions, many will offer private sessions at a cost. The prices will vary based on the girl you select, and you have two tiers to choose from. With a private session, you will be the only one who can watch your girl, but others can chat with her. However, an exclusive session will guarantee you are getting one on one time with the model. Finally, the price you are paying is by the minute. Therefore, you will want to watch how much you want to spend and how long you have been in a private showing.

With costs out of the way, discussing the benefits that private Jerkmate live sessions bring for the price is essential. Once you enter a private show, you will have the ability to see and talk to your model. You can use your webcam and microphone, or you can place a direct call through the computer. Developers have all users in mind and have created descriptions that pop up when you hover over buttons.

The best way to make the Jerkmate website more personable is to chat with the girls and add them as your favourites. You will be able to joke and communicate as if you are dating and building a friendship. It is important to remember that unless you pay, the Jerkmate chat is not necessarily private. You will want to invest if you want that added security.

Jerkmate recordings

Finally, premium membership opens up the eCommerce side. Many girls will record their sessions into Jerkmate videos and offer them for sale to the users. Once you purchase the recording, it is yours to keep.

How is our site different from other Cam sites?

There are many live cam sites available online now, so what makes them better than the competitors? The answer is in the options with Jerkmate webcam services available. It is one of the few places that offer you the ability to watch them while they watch you, and you can converse with a voice at the same time. They have more categories to filter from, and there is their language option as well. Overall, they are more organized in design for a cleaner and more accessible navigation system. However, you will pay for it, as they are slightly more expensive than other sites. Simply put, web Jerkmate porn becomes more of a personal relationship with the girls you favourite.

Now for the most significant difference that they offer. You can stream the models when they go live on the web, which is not always an option with other sites. Their streams will offer you a public chatroom, but not a private one. The girls will post a schedule so you will know ahead of time when to schedule some alone time in your house. Finally, many of the live streams will have a pre-recorded performance available to view for free.

If you are looking for clear audio and high-quality videos on the web Jerk mate has your answer. It meets your needs on a personable level, where you can feel comfortable.

Is paying worth It?

So you have decided that this is the right webcam site for you. You need to determine if you want to pay for a membership or stay on the free plan. They do not push you to spend or attempt to upsell you out of your budget. Unlike other sites, you will not have frustrating pop-up ads tempting you with better deals. The girls are aware of who tips by a colour-coded tag on your account. Therefore, the premium membership may land you more personal relationships as the girls love to be flattered with extra tokens.

Is Jerkmate safe?

When it comes to accessing sex online, you want to make sure you are safe. Customer support agents are available 24/7 and can be accessed in different methods. They offer live chat support via phone, WhatsApp, and chatbots. However, you can also email them for assistance. They protect your personal information, but you will want to take caution on how much you share in chat sessions. There is only so much they can save.


If you are looking for an innovative way to interact with gorgeous girls while bringing relief to your sexual needs, then you found your ideal site. The sign-up process is simple, and you receive immediate access to hundreds of models around the world. Money can be spent easily, so you will need to keep a close eye on your budget. The site is organized and takes the complexity out of sex.

You will receive the intimate relationship you desire at any time you want it. With mutual masturbation available, you can develop a relationship that is like an in-life courtship.

Frequently asked questions- FAQ

How does tipping work?

During a video, you can tip your Jerkmate model by clicking the “Thank You” button. You will dictate how many tokens you send. However, they will only receive 35-percent of that donation.

Is Jerk mate safe and legit?

This is a legitimate porn site for those of age. Every girl is over the age of 18, and their background is checked. It is essential to remember that webcam shows are legal in most countries, so unless it is prohibited where you live, you are safe.

Is Jerk mate like dating?

Unfortunately, cam sites are not like a dating site. You can become favourites with girls, but they will be connecting with millions of other guys and girls. There are rare cases where you can connect in real life but do not expect this.

How much should I expect to spend?

There are free options available, but spending will give you a better experience. With that said, you will want to expect to spend between $5 to $10 a minute for private shows. If you wish to take about five to ten minutes, you can look at a base cost of $100. However, you will need to add in tokens for extra features (such as showing boobs or using a vibrator) and then tipping.

Is the free plan worth it?

If you were looking at costs and worried about spending, you can enjoy it for free. However, you will not have the option to customize your webcam experience with the girl, and you will not get a private show. You can build friendships with the girls as you watch their broadcasts, which may be enough for you.

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