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Today, this site is a unique and interesting way to overcome fears and embarrassment, find friends, start dating, and start a relationship. Now there is no need to write letters on a screen. It makes no sense to spend a lot of time on the exhausting selection of phrases because video chat opens up completely different facets. The peculiarity of the LiveUnicorns website is that you always communicate with new girls. Such an intrigue excites consciousness and generates interest.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Choose a model according to the parameters you need
  • You will always find someone to chat with, day or night.
  • Users leave LiveUnicorns reviews to models influencing their rank


  • You may be late for work in the morning after a night of private chat and a sea of pleasure.

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LiveUnicorns Review

What do you need for a video chat?

Many people think that video LiveUnicorns sex cannot replace real sex, but the feedback from the participants confirms differently. 

For everything to work out, you need:

  • Fast Internet that will open access to the world;
  • Webcam, which is the primary tool for this service;
  • Your desire to have fun.

An improved and fascinating video chat with models will teach you to be open, and deprive you of complexes.

There is no deception here because all models are real people. Such a chat eliminates all difficulties and gives advantages. There is nothing more curious than making fleeting acquaintances without obligations and giving each other pleasure.

Your LiveUnicorns webcam will open up opportunities for you, and your intelligence and the ability to communicate will be the key to successful LiveUnicorns recordings. Our roulette can be the tool that will give you a pleasant surprise. The girl you meet may well be the one you were looking for.

If there are frustrations in a random video chat click on another model and rate as many LiveUnicorns girls as you wish. The undeniable, or rather, the main plus, is that sex LiveUnicorns chat worldwide is an exciting activity for everyone.

How does LiveUnicorns work?

The platform is an intermediary. It provides a convenient personal account and support for models, as well as engaging attracting customers. The site charges a small percentage for this.

The scheme is simple. There are several stages:

  • The model registers on the platform and starts the broadcast;
  • The show is available to all visitors of the service;
  • Viewers watch a LiveUnicorns free show but can send tips and invite in private;
  • Money accumulates on the internal balance, which you withdraw from the system.

Still, many do not understand what the live LiveUnicorns platform is. They base their opinion only on guesses. That is why different legends surround the theme. Yes, the chats are erotic, and the age is checked here (by scanning the passport), but no one can force the model to take off her clothes or do something unacceptable. Moreover, everything you see on other people’s shows is at the request of the girls themselves.

How to use a profile?

Both models and clients register on the platform. Models fill in their pages, connect bots, configure various parameters and launch an online show. You deposit money (tokens) to your profile. The models have as many viewers as possible. Account management takes place through a personal account. In addition, there are many different tools and detailed statistics.

Who are members?

Actually, it is the name of the clients for whom the models launch their shows. Viewers are looking for communication and want entertainment. However, not everyone is ready to spend money. Different people meet in chat rooms.

Consequently, models can see how many tokens visitors have on their balance and pay more attention to those who can send them a gift. In addition to tips, they can invite you to a private LiveUnicorns sexchat, where every minute is from $ 1.

It is more profitable to work in this format. However, applications for the transition to a closed room do not come often. Members can also pay for access to photos and LiveUnicorns videos on the model’s page or sign up for a paid subscription to the fuck club.

What is a video chat?

What is LiveUnicorns video chat? It is an opportunity to communicate via the Internet. Through the sit, you launch online broadcasts, which attract viewers from all over the globe.

Nevertheless, such services are 18+, but this does not mean that erotic scenes are in all shows. There are no requirements and restrictions, except that only adults can use such projects. Anyway, the principle of operation is simple. The chat offers a set of functions and a platform.

  1. The model registers, passes an age check, fills out a questionnaire, and presses the appropriate button to start broadcasting. The show begins in the shared directory.
  2. Now, viewers can join by sending tips or inviting the model to a closed room for private communication, with minute-by-minute billing.
  3. It is more profitable to communicate with the user one-on-one, but first, you need to wait for the application and sit in an open chat.

What is a private video chat?

Besides, when the model starts the broadcast, everyone sees a free chat with her. Anyone can enter it and watch the show. The girls communicate and show something, and they get tips from the audience for it. In addition to gifts, a member can invite to a private chat to retire.

In this mode, conversations are one-on-one. The client can even turn on his camera. You can also stop the private chat at any moment.

However, private communication is a closed dialogue. Naturally, you need to pay for such a service. So, the cost of a minute varies, ranging from $ 1 to $ 10. It also depends on the type of chat, which can be group or with peeping support.

Unlike a free room, a private chat does not have a bunch of messages. It is more convenient for the model itself to work with one member.

How to become a LiveUnicorns model?

Such work via the Internet is available only to adult users. Indeed, there are no more requirements. Moreover, an account appears in a few minutes. After that, you can start the broadcast and earn money online on communication. Instructions for a beginner will help you take the first steps:

  • Going to the main page of the official service for registering models, you need to click on the appropriate button;
  • Enter data including gender, Email, LiveUnicorns login, password.
  • Choose the type of registration. The model profile appears (the shape parameters, the avatar, categories, and so on).
  • It does not matter when you fill out the questionnaire during registration or later in your account. In any case, one of the steps will be downloading a scanned document and filling in personal information (it remains confidential):
  • Specify the payment details and select the minimum amount for withdrawal:
  • Sign of the agreement. Just check the box, click the button, and immediately get into your account.

The first broadcast begins after the moderator checks the passport data. It may take from several hours to a couple of days. However, there will be time to create a page, fill in all the data about yourself, and add more photos or videos to your account that members will watch.

Is LiveUnicorns legal?

Law does not prohibit broadcasting in erotic chats. LiveUnicorns porn is erotics indeed. It is not the creation of pornographic content, and actions do not fall under the article on the distribution of porn. The most important thing is to be over 18 years old.

After the global pandemic, web model services have become even more in demand.

The platform prohibit propaganda or drug use, fraud, propaganda of violence, bestiality, and incest. Therefore, you will only get legitimate and high-quality content on the site.

What is a LiveUnicorns token?

Video chats use the internal currency (tokens). A token is an analog of money on the platform. Members buy LiveUnicorns tokens for real money to access private video chats, messages, and tips.

The platform then converts the tokens to the LiveUnicorn’s girl’s accounts. What’s more, there is a surprise in store for you. If you are active on the site, you can get a LiveUnicorns promo code for a free private chat!

Is LiveUnicorns safe?

The LiveUnicorns site is one of the most secure servers for private video chats. You do not need any additional software on your computer and phone. Accordingly, you will not be able to infect the device with a virus.

Your data is under the protection of the law. Moreover, it is inaccessible not only to outsiders but even to the administration. The database automatically encrypts user information using powerful cryptographic algorithms.


So, today sites like LiveUnicorns open an exciting platform for you, which is not like other services. If you were looking for a free video chat for yourself – this site is the best option. You do not need to download the app or register. Literally, in a few seconds, a cute girl will appear on the screen and yoou can take things from there.

Now you do not have to worry that you have no one to spend the evening with even once. The site will open an entirely new space for you via the Internet. A beautiful sexy girl will always be ready to save you from loneliness. Let us know how you spent your evening!

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